ERP Cloud Acumatica solution for the Sounthern Tien Phong Plastic 

Tien Phong Plastic is the leading brand in the field of manufacturing plastic pipe and fittings along with 60 years of development of Country that produces many quality goods at Binh Duong Province factory. The main office is located at Ho Chi Minh City with more than 300 human resource.

Previously, Tien Phong Plastic operated on a system with 2 separate software: Sales software and Accounting software are not connected together. So it make a big problem when they want to collect and synchronize data.

Ms. Van Kim Thanh, ERP Project Manager at Tien Phong Plastic said that in every last month, the accounting team must synthesize data with the sales team to make a report.

The old system was mainly used for accounting function and didn’t provide production processing functionality. So the production department can only uses the inventory and warehousing modules.

Only some authorized users in the old system can access to the management system. Employees only focus on their daily tasks and they don’t know about the entire accounting or production process. Collaborative spirit at work is hard to promote better and collaboration isn’t strong.

For the management team, the system’s reporting isn’t give real-time data or in time information. The operation progress and input data depend on who has access to the system and it is located in the office. So production management faced many obstacles due to ERP limitations of the old system.

To help business work better and more efficient, the executive team decided that they needed a more modern ERP system to access from anywhere, anytime for all levels in the company.

Before looking for an ERP system, Tien Phong Plastics operators need to choose a technology supplier that can modernize and standardize existing operations. Partners needed to enhance and improve processes to suitable with ERP processes. The technology provider needs to help the company create a communication plan and act so that all employees understand the project and the benefits for each stakeholder. Also understand the changes and collaboration needed for the project to succeed.

The Southern Tien Phong Plastic has chosen Patsoft JSC as a deployment partner on the Acumatica Cloud ERP platform

Comments about ERP solution

Ms. Van Kim Thanh, ERP Project Manager at Tien Phong Plastic said “The most important reason that we have chose Acumatica because it very flexible”. We also considered between SAP and Oracle but those systems are not flexible and difficult to adjust according to customer’s demands. Customization is very important for business grows, so executives will need to make system changes to achieve certain business initiatives.

“Additionally, Acumatica does not require a expert to maintain the entire system” Ms. Thanh said. This allows her team to focus on making sure the system responds the company’s requirements, rather than be distracted to maintain servers and software licenses.

Tien Phong Plastic also chooses Acumatica because it can be accessed from anywhere. “We believe in the trend of ‘mobility’. So we aim to be able to work from anywhere, on any device, just using the internet to connect to the app from anywhere,” Ms. Thanh said.

Application result after use ERP Cloud Acumatica Solution

After implementing Acumatica, Tien Phong Plastic is operating ERP – Acumatica with full module. All the company information is stored in a central platform with Patsoft JSC’s support. Ensure that Acumatica is refined in conformity with the company’s business process. “All the process such as manufacturing, purchasing, accounting,… are handled in only one main system. That is the reason why we decided to change and use Acumatica”.

Ms Thanh said. “It’s helping the management team access data in real time”, that helps the team make better decisions to improve communication at all levels in the company and teamwork more efficient.

Now, all employees can access to the Acumatica platform and understand clearly about their business. From the quotation to the billing, production and delivery of goods, teamwork results and collaboration spirit have improved significantly. Ms. Thanh said “Although users need time to familiarize themselves with the new system. But our workforce has been upgraded and more professional, flexible and efficient”. Now, employees understand why they are doing and seeing the benefits of new business solutions”. Some bonus comment said “They understand the whole process and everyone knows what to do. They see that all processes are relevant and why they need to sync to each other to complete the job. It improved the spirit”.

Tien Phong Plastic has a integration system can connect continuously and eliminate physical manipulation.

  • All employees can access to the system through all the company process so it improve productivity higher
  • Improve communication and teamwork skill, connect people to understand each other’s work better
  • Ability to access the system anywhere at anytime
  • Has a flexible platform is customized to each company characteristics and push it up

After tweaking Acumatica Cloud ERP, Tien Phong Plastic plans to add more Acumatica modules such as: CRM and other mobile applications. Allows completion of some corporate processes remotely.

“We also plan to integrate barcodes at the SKU level and now looking for a third party solution so we can print barcodes on plastic tubes.” Ms. Thanh said.

Last but not least PATSOFT SOFTWARE COMPANY worthy for their effort. For the support and successful implementation of Acumatica at Tien Phong Plastic Company. Project manager said: “Patsoft JSC has done a great job of consulting and demonstrated excellent project management and execution capabilities. We are continuing to grow because we are and have been successful with Acumatica.”