WMS Features

WMS – Warehouse Management System has many outstanding features including tracking products intelligently, quickly, and exactly with QR codes, optimizing distribution activities, and eliminating manual processes.

Real-time data information, solving inventory problems that can’t satisfy customer demands

WMS Module

Optimize warehouse management with various module.


Merchandise Management

Packaging Management

Shipping Management

Support Roles of WMS

User Support
  • Increase resource efficiency
  • Optimizing distribution management processes
  • Minimizing defect
  • Provide accurate information on time
  • Determine the status of goods quickly and accurately
  • Strictly manage inventory sources, upcoming goods
Customer Support
  • Monks are satisfied with the service through an automatic, fast, and accurate process
  • Update actively about orders information
  • Experience modern and convenient service

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Integration of WMS

Power BI Technology

Data is displayed dynamically and intuitively. This is one of the most powerful design tools available today

Stimulsoft Report

A comprehensive technology integration solution with a user-friendly interface, including many various tools to serve users to build reports that presented in many different formats.



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