Who are we

Patsoft is a leading ERP solution provider in Vietnam, with 17 years of experience, has helped businesses successfully transform digitally, bringing high efficiency in business administration.

What do we do

We accompany with domestic and foreign businesses.

Patsoft supports SME & ENTERPRISE businesses to elevate their business

Solutions & Services






Acumatica the Cloud ERP

Company difference


Consulting – Standardizing the process for each business
Flexible framework platform, easy to configure according to the characteristics of each business
Consulting – Standardizing the process for Consultants – Who with individual knowledge of each industry and field.
Foreign and Vietnamese technology solutions.
Overcoming the difference between the individual accounting standards of each country.
A team of experienced engineers graduated from famous universities.

Vision – Mission – Culture


Become a company with specialized solutions in each field of business activities of enterprises and integrate IoT systems in data mining throughout the enterprise.


Combining experience in implementing foreign solutions to improve management capacity and develop specialized solutions extensively.


Satisfied beyond Customer’s expectations and Employee’s happiness through the results of labor is what Patsoft always strives to achieve.