B4U Features

To suit all business models, as well as specifics in each industry and field. Patssoft has developed a B4U solution with modern technology, friendly interface, helping businesses to solve difficulties and increase business efficiency.

B4U Module

Meeting the needs of businesses in many different industries and fields, B4U includes the following Modules:

Leadership Web 

HR – Salaries





Warehouse Management

Project management

QC-QA Management

Support Roles of B4U

Support Leader
  • The solution is an effective tool for managers to control the company
  • According to the modern management style of the digital age
  • Instant and accurate information
  • Support tracking progress of processes
Support Purchasing Department
  • Advanced technology and tailored process
  • ISO management system standardization
  • Easily control processes: purchasing, testing…
  • Manage multiple types of orders and contracts on one screen
  • Allocate purchasing costs reasonably
  • Smart purchase reporting system
  • Solution for import tax, insurance, invoices, reconciliation of payable details
Support Warehouse Department
  • Advanced process
  • Applying many methods of accounting and inventory assessment
  • Solving the problem of a single item with multiple units
  • Management by barcode (QR code)
  • Application to management of critical goods
  • Loss management, multiple allocation tools, inventory support
Support Sales Department
  • Process standardization
  • Calculate commission, analyze the effectiveness of each employee
  • Build a flexible selling price system
  • Support to set up price calculation table by quantity, quotation
  • Customer Information Management
  • Support to plan product advertising design
  • Warranty and after-sales management
  • Manage orders, contracts, sales types, sales forms
  • Manage reporting system through graphing
Support HR - Salary Department
  • Complete and accurate data information
  • Integrate the whole system
  • Enterprise-wide data link
  • Personnel planning
  • Recruitment information management
  • Employee Information Management
  • Labor contract
  • Reward and discipline process
  • Manage the training process
  • Employee Evaluation (KPI)
  • Insurance management
  • Personal income tax
  • Timekeeping, permission, overtime
  • Calculating time salary, product salary
  • Integration with accounting system
  • Integration with production systems
Support Finance Department
  • Full of task functions
  • Process standardization
  • Customize according to business needs
  • Manage each journal entry, accounting period for each module
  • Support to track business plans and expenses for each department
  • Automatic accounting, accounting preview, debt tracking, cash…
Support Production Department
  • Advanced process, applicable to every production model
  • Integrate all related modules
  • BOM according to output and running machine, unlimited BOM rating level
  • Outsourcing management, outsourcing management
  • Solution for warehousing in the middle of the process
  • Create work orders for multiple products
  • Production schedule management
  • Detailed cost of each order, production batch
Support QC -QC Department
  • Record test results and approve on the system
  • Standardize testing standards for each material, work in process (WIP) and finished product.
  • Manage records for each batch of finished products
  • Monitor product stability
  • Test raw materials according to each criterion: content, moisture …

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