General Introduction

Industry 4.0 has already been demonstrated through business models and become more necessary now day in software. The support service industry also develops to meet the increasing needs of people. Enterprises always want to increase business efficiency, optimize profits, and reduce costs. Applying ERP solutions to enterprise resource management is a premise that needs to be prioritized.

How does Patsoft solve problems?

Our company has many years of experience in implementing ERP solutions for the Support Services industry. Understand the challenges and difficulties in the industry base on the unique characteristics of the company. Patsoft has helped automate all activities in production and business. Optimizing costs, and maximizing profits to help businesses assert their position in the market.


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Deployment Module

Leadership Web
  • Provide financial metrics: Revenue, expenses, inventory, liabilities, profit, invested capital and equity.
  • Provide data on production and business progress, cost, purchase, inventory and delivery
  • Business health: Plan and execute budgets, revenues, expenses, liabilities and cashflow, providing business leaders with information to compare planned and actual progress
  • Extract data anytime, anywhere in real-time
  • General statistics of the whole company
  • Plan and execute follow-up
  • Track revenue and expenses
  • Monitor money and debt
  • Monitor production progress and inventory
  • Follow all member companies
  • Production progress and cost
  • Budget execution plan
  • Compare planned and actual progress
  • Help the Board of Directors to make quick decisions
  • Increase competitive position in the market
Purchase Module
  • Standardize business processes, manage the entire purchasing process, and contribute to standardizing the ISO process
  • Supports strictly controls every process from purchasing to testing
  • Diverse order management: Manage many types of orders, contracts, taxes, and insurance.
  • Planning details according to each type of order such as orders without invoices or with many entries.
  • Buy by quota.
  • Reconciliation of payables
  • From there, it helps the purchasing department to choose and evaluate suppliers, contributing to better order management.
Warehouse Management
  • Support warehouse department to plan and evaluate the inventory with many methods.
  • About goods and storage helps to solve the problem of managing multi-unit items, goods not in stock, and warehouses without price.
  • Using barcodes and QR codes in the management process, barcode solutions from simple to complex and combine with Scan QR codes on mobile. 
  • Warehouse warning: checks for stock goods, expired goods warning, slow-moving goods statistics, intelligence warehouse arrangement. 
Sales Module
  • It provides sales, distribution, marketing, and customer service data with accurate, real-time data that helps you in decision-making.
  • Show the quotation detail with friendly performance.
  • This module records the data effectively with all essential things to helps the sales department to do accurate sales forecasts.
  • Salespeople can work together better because this module visualize data which everybody can access.
Production Module


  • Connect the entire process through the integration of all related modules
  • Tracking production progress, create work orders for multiple products.
  • Stage management: Sending, receiving and processing, warehousing between production step, calculating cost of each batch, production quantity.
  • Warnings at the warehouse: checks for stock goods, warn of expired goods, slow goods statistics, arrange goods in smart warehouses.
QC-QA Management
  • Standardize the testing process, application for the QA-QC department.
  • Definition of testing criteria, testing standards NL, BTP, TP.
  • Approve test results on the system, manage batch records
  • Control of production recipe (BOM – Bill of material) and batch records in production
  • Control product stability after production.
Finance Module
  • Standardize business processes (money, debt)
  • Cost accounting (Price per product, cost per order)
  • Cost center hierarchical management
  • Detailed authorization of the whole system
  • Automated accounting
Human resource - Salary
  • Recruitment and training
  • Employment information
  • Training process
  • KPI assessment
  • Staff information
  • Labor contract and tax policy
  • Information about employees and relatives
  • Timekeeping and salary calculation
  • Vacation, overtime…
  • Time salary, salary by product
  • Integration of subsystems
  • Accounting integration
  • Integrated production and payroll management by shift

Industry Benefits

ERP application helps to comprehensively manage the business, automate production activities, and improve product quality. Optimizing resources to improve competitiveness in the Support Services industry. Helping businesses catch up with the trend of digital transformation and sustainable development.


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Kết nối

Luôn đi đầu trong công nghệ – Acumatica – đơn vị cung cấp ERP số 1 trên thế giới và đối tác chiến lược của Patsoft. Cung cấp giải pháp quản trị tốt nhất cho doanh nghiệp. Tái cấu trúc theo chuyển đổi số với khả năng tích hợp nhiều công nghệ hiện đại, mạnh mẽ.