4GOV Feature

4GOV digitization solution for public administrative service units, integrating the most advanced and powerful technology today such as IoT identification through fingerprints, and faces…

4GOV Module

4GOV – Digital solution for public administrative agency

Budget management

Work schedule management

ATM machine returns documents automatically 24/7

Support Roles of 4GOV

Support The Budget Management Department
  • Accurate and complete the synchronize data
  • Make a budget and suitable proposals
  • Strictly manage the budget of the unit
  • Tracking anytime, anywhere to ensure accuracy of the real-time data
Support The Division To Manage The Work Schedule
  • Continuous data, work schedule is entered consecutively
  • Everyone will update their schedule through a main system
  • Monitor anytime, anywhere through electronic devices
Support The Receiving And Returning Department
  • Receive and return documents automatically
  • Save time, cost and human resource.
  • Lean process, accurate information, and quick implementation.
Customer Support
  • Public administrative procedures are carried out quickly
  • Increase the level of people’s satisfaction with public administrative agencies.
  • Save time and costs for administrative procedures

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Supporting industries

4GOV – Digital solution for public administrative agency

Integrated technology of 4GOV


Internet of Things technology is the most advanced and powerful technology currently identified through information, images, and data.


API ensures quick integration of all collaboration tools, also video conferencing solution.

Stimulsoft Report

A comprehensive technology integration solution with a friendly interface, including a lot of tools to serve users to build reports which is presented in many different formats.